The Cottesloe Film Festival was launched in 2017 with the aim of bringing world-class cinema to the Town of Cottesloe. In 2018, Cottesloe Films collaborated with Buzz Productions to host the Festival. Running over three weekends, the Festival attracted nearly 2000 attendees with three sell-out nights. Guests enjoyed special musical performances from ARIA awardwinning hiphop artist N’fa Jones, the cast of We Will Rock You, Solid Gold DJ Simon Collins and Fiona Lawe Davies.

In 2019, more than 3000 people attended CottFilmFest over six magical nights.


Festival Director Miranda Edmonds owns Cottesloe Films with her brother Khrob Edmonds. Their award winning short films have competed at numerous Oscar- qualifying festivals, and screened on airlines and television networks around the world including SBS Television, Qantas and United Airlines. As a local resident, Miranda has always wished an outdoor cinema experience existed in Cottesloe. For more information, visit www.cottesloefilms.com.

Estelle Buzzard is a publicist, producer and the founding director of Buzz Productions and Buzz Corporate Communications. Estelle has more than
 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, specialising in event management, marketing and promotions. She has represented award winning actors and directors; consulted to numerous film production companies, international sales agents and distributors; and hosted countless film events. For more information, visit www.buzzproductions.com.au.

In 2018, Richard Evans also joined the Festival team. Richard has been working in arts, music and film industries for more than 20 years, hosting various events, concerts and festivals. The former entertainment lawyer turned producer has a number of feature film, TV series and Broadway theatre projects in development.


General enquiries:
info@cottfilmfest.com or 0402081977

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media@cottfilmfest.com or 0437888019

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